23C3 - Day 1

Some observations while on an 8 hour (night) train ride to the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress (23C3) in Berlin:

  • DVB-T doesn't really work exceptionally well in a train that's moving at 200-300 km/h.
  • I also had almost no GPS signal in the train either, not sure why. The speed should not be a problem as GPS is supposed to work at high speeds (unlike DVB-T). I intended to create a nice visualization of all wireless networks on the way to Berlin (using Kismet and GPSDrive), but... well, without GPS data that's not too funny.
  • They have coffee in the train! Not exactly cheap, but it's there.
  • Having a ticket for waggon 23 of the train is somewhat... fitting.

There's a lot of press coverage about the congress already, so I won't repeat all of that here. Just let me tell you that there's a tremendous amount of great lectures, many of which I have attended (and they're also streamed on the web, as well as broadcast via DVB-T locally here in Berlin, which is great!).


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GPS traces to openstreetmaps

For those that do have GPS traces: submit them to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Main_Page, its coo, and Free.

GPS does not work in a train

You need a very broad and free view to the sky to receive a proper GPS signal. In an ICE that's impossible to have, the train itself is too thick and the windows might even have some special treatment blocking the signal too.

GPS in train

Yeah, the windows seem to be blocking the signal. I tried this at home, putting the antenna near the window worked somewhat fine. So it's either the speed or the windows in the train are better shielded (or both)...