New feature: Hitmap

As you might have noticed there's a new block called Hitmap on the right-hand side of this site. It's a daily-updated map of the world with red spots on it, which represent the location the visitors of my site come from (the bigger the spots, the more visitors from that place).

You can click on the image to get a more detailed view of the map, as well as views of every single continent.

This fine service is provided by the Knowledge Media Institute (KMI) of the Open University in the UK.

Fog screen

Here's a pretty cool new projection "display" called FogScreen, which basically consists of a wall of "dry fog", which you can walk through if you want to. You can project images or videos onto this (very thin) fog wall and hence use it as sort of a computer screen.

They have a nice video which demonstrates how you can "draw" on the fog wall and walk through it...

My Crazy Hacks wiki is now online!

Crazy Hacks Logo

So, finally, I have disabled the old Crazy Hacks site which was running on and replaced it with a wiki. The site is now available at

So, what exactly is Crazy Hacks?
Crazy Hacks is a wiki of crazy computer-related projects. The mission of this site is to give you a comprehensive overview of what some geeks do, when they have way too much spare time on their hands.

As you might have noticed the wiki provides an RSS feed, which I syndicate here on my homepage (see the "Crazy Hacks Wiki" block) on the right...

Please feel free to contribute to the wiki. Everyone can add and edit pages there...

SD™ card with USB connector

According to Heise (as well as Boing Boing), SanDisk has announced a SD™ card with a builtin USB 2.0 connector at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Now this is probably as small as an USB device can get, and really cool, if you ask me. The card shall feature up to 1 GB storage at first, probably more later on.

There are photos of the card in the two articles.

Welcome to my new homepage!

Today I switched from using hand-made PHP files written in vim to using the wonderful CMS Drupal.

This gives me much more flexibility to administer the homepage itself, allows visitors to add comments to most pages, gives visitors access to RSS feeds, shows the most popular content and lots more...

It also allows me to easily write entries to my new Blog – of which this is the first post, by the way.

Any comments are appreciated.

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