Top 18 Papers in Information Security

Maximilian Dornseif from the Laboratory for Dependable Distributed Systems at the RWTH Aachen has written a blog post called Top 18 Papers in Information Security. Definately worth a read!
There's a broad range of papers from "New Directions in Cryptography" by W. Diffie und M. E. Hellman (public key cryptography) from 1976 to "Intercepting Mobile Communications: The Insecurity of 802.11" by N. Borisov, I. Goldberg, and D. Wagner from 2001.

How about an iPod Shuffle RAID?

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Another Crazy Hacks candidate: Jim Wright has assembled four iPod Shuffles to create a 3.9 GB iPod Shuffle RAID. Have a look at the quite impressive photos.

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) Founded

As Slashdot reports, the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), an organization which intends to provide legal representation and other law related services to Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) projects and organizations, has been founded.
They are initially funded by the Open Source Development Labs (ODSL).
On board are some authorities such as Eben Moglen and Lawrence Lessig, among others.


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This looks like a good candidate for the Crazy Hacks wiki: GPS::Tron is a real-life remake of the classical TRON game using modern technologies like GPS, Bluetooth and GSM or GPRS. Two players run around in the real world (carrying a GPS device) and "draw" trails. They can see their own trail as well as that of their respective opponent on their cell phones. The first player who hits his own trail or that of his opponent loses.

More Mountains

I have added some more photos of random mountains in switzerland to my image galleries. Enjoy.

Mountain Mountain Stream Snow-Covered Mountain Green Mountains

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