ASCII art spam

Whoa, those spammers are getting really desperate now, aren't they?

Today in my inbox:

apy8       0lyk   b8xvdtfa        glb13            0uurqjl     5xju3p0jb            1uk9z
 yhak     o3vl    tytjx4ui        m6frp           64zx9238iq   128lkxk2wh           fzqpv
 mkqj     g1tn    wgd293sv       s3mnhaq        y1vvng731dsy   f39iqddc65f         5fgnwcx
 t9ba4   wg8j1      ucq8         uviyoz6        4k2g4     fo   wz0i   q7pn         hqblemz
  pu9t   1dwr       mocp         nlihfws       mm3w0           j4zb   0fzh         o6nljyq
  0luy   to8a       ljd0        5bi8 zpfh      93ab            tbpr   hztc        foza p7sf
  5vw7t a4nce       2fjr        oxto 2t0r      37v3   mxvfq0   x6qtw1j6me         ye51 b7pt
   pwtx gg5l        mtfr       h7390 0voxg     btc8   t7vj3n   twn72qv80         92sj8 8qhuc
   4xoq 9m3u        r3i0       4dgf   2k8l     o6u8   eegabt   70vrl5ukj         6bpp   u336
    9p5tqyo         ixkj       7mkcss82ko2     6dgtj    tdei   eayi tnjgi        ujh0x073p63
    jbxotva         alrs      ubvdw9kele9rs     ed7bi   vbjz   0tlb b1svn       15xh90ojyj56u
    zzfla7m       3o1jnrrc    kvlxt74rl46l1     yy5mng2kl7dj   8bmq  793jb      qzqkjf00glzsf
     e6doi        hfcqgi2t    w8bd     vydk      elqfyxtdk7g   upqf   ippbf     ca5l     cgrm
     npnrd        dzsgo4jz   q9zo       co4g       6kabvxc     sqpy    5ds54   qhpb       krpw


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Are there anything wrong with using "figles"?

Joke's on them.

90% of people don't read their mail in a fixed width font.

nice - why they do it


They do it, of course, so they don't have incriminating keywords in their messages for filters to pick up on. This approach can beat things like spamassassin, which rely heavily on hand-managed filter rules, but it falls down with purely bayesian approaches (like crm114), where the absence of innocent keywords is equally condemning.

crm114 et al

Yeah, it beat spamassasin.

I should probably look at other solutions like crm114 or dspam, they seem to promise better results...

Spam Assasin

Never thought i would say this: this is *good* spam :)
Spam Assassin, what about this piece of spam ? :)


Well, it said nothing - just delivered the mail to my inbox ;)


I think what he meant is what score did spamasassin give the email. You should look into the header there are X-something header entries added by spamassasin telling what it did say to that mail.