Better browsing using Privoxy

I've been a happy Privoxy user for quite some time now. I can really recommend it to anybody who wants to get rid of all the nasty stuff floating around on the web these days. From the Privoxy homepage:

Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, modifying web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk.

The most useful feature for me is that it automatically removes almost all of those ugly flash-based ad banners.

My todo list:

  • Fine tune the filters for my needs. I'm currently using the stock Debian package of Privoxy, without any customizations.
  • Check out Neil van Dyke's privoxy rules which filter even more nasty stuff.
  • Check out the combination of Privoxy and Tor for anonymous browsing.


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Remove borders and checkered boxes in Privoxy

Hey do you know how to remove those annoying checkered boxes in place of the ads in Privoxy? Ads Muncher does it and I think Privoxy can too, I would think tweaking the source code, but how? If so let me know, would look forward to an article on this from you as a matter of fact, if you indeed have an idea how to do this in Privoxy. Thanks! - John

Edit: /etc/privoxy/user.actio


To include these two lines:
{ +set-image-blocker{blank} }

Firefox, Adblock

Alternatively, you could use Firefox (which blocks popups and allows full control over cookies) and Adblock (which allows control over ads, banners, scripts, and other junk). Seems a lot easier to manage.


Yes, I used Firefox+Adblock for a while and liked it a lot. I switched to Galeon, though, as I constantly have ca. 200-300 tabs open in my browser and Firefox is way too memory-hungry for such a setup...

One big advantage of Privoxy (especially if you customize it a lot) is that it works with any browser, i.e., I can use the same rules in Galeon, Firefox, Lynx, whatever...



200-300?! Could you perhaps post a screenshot at some point? How do you have that much open and still be able to usefully process it? I can't really deal with tabs past the point where you can read part of the label on each one, so I max out at 15-20 at most.

200-300 tabs

Yes, I'll post a screenshot (and some more writeup) in my blog soonish. Stay tuned ;)