Big Buck Bunny video and soundtrack under Creative Commons license

Jan Morgenstern

Just in case you haven't yet watched it: Big Buck Bunny.

Great animated video created mainly using Blender, released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

The soundtrack/score is now also available under a CC license (as is lots of other "raw" material for the movie).


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Very good animation. I love it

Big Buck Bunny

Every time my husband and I feel a little bit down, we watch the Big Buck Bunny movie and laugh our heads off. The humorous antics of "Bird" are to our liking.... especially those at the very end of the movie!

We hope that Blender will produce lots and lots of this kind of movie, just for fun.

My regards, Mariken van Zwam

Neat :)

Thanks Uwe, saved the first part of my day yesterday...