Bitte nicht auf die Eier klettern

Bitte nicht auf die Eier klettern

A sign I saw at the BUGA. If you don't understand German, don't ask. You don't want to know.


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Tamago ni noboruna

Yeah,I like sign staffs.


Just curious - what does "Tamago ni noboruna" mean? Something like "don't climb"?



via magic Babel Fish.
"Please on the eggs do not climb" -> "Tamago ni noboruna"

'Tamago' means 'egg'."noboruna"(or "agaruna") means "do not climb"
not-so-good translation :-)

you cannot translate german

you cannot translate german to english word by word because it wil not make sence. but u had the idea

Bitte nicht auf die Eier

Bitte nicht auf die Eier klettern!
Please do not climp on the eggs!

Erm ...

Could you also post an image of the Eggs? It is making me very excited about how they look.


Sure, here it is.


Besteigbare Eier

Zwei Menschen, ein Gedanke - das Schildchen hab ich auch gebloggt ;-)