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I was spammed informed about a nice new service from Blog Flux which is called MapStats.

You can use this to find out where the visitors of your site come from (similar to GEOLOC and HitsMaps/ClustrMaps). The cool thing about it is that it uses Google Maps to display the visitors' position, which means you can zoom in and out as you see fit, and you get real satellite maps of the area. Now, is this cool or what?

See my stats for an example.


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Great to see you using multiple tools... MapStats and ClustrMaps are very different in conception — ClustrMaps aims to provide very-large-scale overviews very fast, and in a very small space! We'll be interested to hear your comments over several weeks or months of usage concerning the pros and cons of the two complementary approaches!

All the best...

-Marc on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team