Drupal security.module

I released a first version of my Drupal security.module yesterday. The module is sort of an intrusion detection system for Drupal sites. It helps the site admin to check and ensure the security of his Drupal installation. Read my original announcement for more details.

The code is in ALPHA stage, so don't expect everything to work, yet.


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Swipht technologies

Swipht technologies developed several aegis modules with advocacy from Portland State University to advance a apartment of aegis modules for Drupal 6. The modules accommodate roles and user specific aegis permissions for menus, card items, nodes, and aegis affiliation into the administering and advice systems. We would like to accommodate this apartment of modules aback to the association to allotment the account of the apartment and absorb the association to accommodate added support, testing, and moderation.

Special affliction was taken to ensure the account of permission administration was constant beyond all sections of the arrangement (nodes, menus, card items). Also anniversary aegis bore uses a bottomward aegis arrangement to acquiesce all-around aegis and the advantage to override or ascertain exceptions to the aegis archetypal for alone items.

For example, defining all-around bulge admission rights by role will dynamically administer the aegis arrangement to all agreeable types and nodes created. However the user can override the all-around aegis arrangement for an alone agreeable type, and override the permissions for a accustomed agreeable blazon by ambience permissions on an alone node.