Drupal statistics

drupal.org currently carries a story by its author Dries Buytaert where he compares the popularity of CMSes (and blogging systems and forums) using the Alexa traffic ranking service. There's several nice graphs included, so have a look.
Also, there's a similar service called g-metrics.com which can be used to create nice graphs from the number of hits Google returns for a given keyword. See the graph for Drupal for an example.

(via Peter van I. via email and drupal.org)


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I am curious to know what is

I am curious to know what is the most popular CMS available today. The story does nt take into account the popularity of the product but the alexa ranking of the website. Most of the websites I see are based on wordpress, may be because of the ease of installation and use, drupal has a learning curve to make a full use of it.