Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers

Here's a nice list of Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers.

Makes an interesting read for a rainy day... Or if you want to give one of the codes a try and solve it, go ahead, and let us know the results :-)

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The Real Ciphered Information About Our Solar System

I'm Petros Petrosyan.

Pyramid is ciphered message, It is simply improbable.

Please Go to: http://www.world-mysteries.com/pex_PPetrosyan1.htm
Full Article: http://files.mail.ru/QPA9G0

Thanks, Petros M.Petrosyan

Attention: Great Pyramid cipher is solved.

Great Pyramid Mysteryes Solved:
Key to Knowledge of the Universal Code.

I'm Petros Petrosyan from Armenia. I was born in 1962. In 1985 I graduated from Yerevan Engineering University. I am married and I have 2 children. Since 1988 I have been seriously interested in the problems connected with the origin and predestination of the pyramids.
The following things were ascertained by me:
1. The pyramid is not only the mausoleum for the pharaoh, and the main motives, which were the source of its construction, were not in this platitude. Here it must be emphasized, that Egyptology has never accepted even the thought of any serious discussion on the problem concerning the code of the pyramid, being in constant contradictions with pyramidology mainly in this cause.
Thus Egyptology deprived itself of the chance of taking part in finding ways for the true resolution of this problem.
2. All architectural-construction parametres of the pyramid are of no principal significence from the point of their cryptographical value. Trying to solve the problem of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid, many pyramidologists often turned to different pseudo-mathematical interpretations, which were nearly always connected with the geometrical parametres of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Following this way, every time pyramidology considerably stands aside from the true way of solving the given problem.
3. The essence of the code is hidden in those peculiarities of the geometrical form of the pyramid, which stipulate the definition of the given geometrical form.
4. I fixed the principal model of the cryptographical matrix the code of the pyramid. The principal model of the hypothetically supposed code of the pyramid consists of 365 small pyramids, which from the facets of the 14-stepped big pyramid.
5. It was settled, that the Bible has the very direct relationship with the suggested code. In addition, some parts in the Bible at the same time are the constituent parts of the code and keys for its deciphering.
6. The figures 365 and 14 are considered to be one of the main keys in deciphering it.
7. The coded information about concrete extents, which is difficult for me to express, refers to the principal aspects in the formation of the Solar system, the planet Earth, bases of the Matter organization, factors creating time and many other things as well. 8. In the process of investigations on the principal model of the code, I finally undertood, that the information, which interests us-is coded in the way of various geometrical compositions, which are fixed in the structure of the code itself. Geometrical compositions of small pyramids can be both flat and volume-spatial.
9. Whit the help of the academical methods of mathematical analysis of definite geometrical compositions of small pyramids are received concrete figure systems and mathematical equations and their essence and significence are always defined with the help of the periodical list of the chemical elements.