HitMaps Is Now Called ClustrMaps

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The HitMaps service provided a small world map showing where visitors to your site or blog live. They now started a new service called ClustrMaps™ (beta) which basically does the same. It's still free for smaller sites (< 1000 hits per day), but you'll have to pay if you run a more popular site.

(Wow, I just found out that I'm one of their TOP-50 users, though I'm far away from 1000 hits per day)

Users of the old HitMaps service can upgrade for free and get 5 invitations. New users are only accepted via such invitations at the moment.


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ClustrMaps open enrollment

Hi - thanks for being a strong and consistent ClustrMaps user. Please note that registration is now totally open, i.e. invitations are no longer required. We are of course very interested to see people using comparable tools like MapStats, which is a different concept, and looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the complementary approaches. Our aim is to provide very-large-scale overviews very fast, and in a very small space! Hope you enjoy...

All the best...

-Marc on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

Seeking invite to Clustrmaps


I've been waiting for Hitmaps to resurface for quite a while, and glad they did! I'm presently using Geoloc but like the location specific graphics of the new Clustrmaps better, so if you have still have an invite, I'd love to give it a try!



Invitation sent. I'll give out one more to whoever comes first, and save the remaining ones for now. I'll probably need them for some of my own sites or for friends...

Btw Vince, that's a very nice (photo)blog you have there. I especially like your shots of Mont St-Hilaire, post more of those, please!


Got it!

Thank you :-)