How to watch videos from your 5g video iPod on TV without buying the Apple video cable [Update]

I stumbled over a very nice article over at MacDevCenter which explains how to use a cheap, standard A/V-to-RCA cable to direct the video output of a 5g video iPod to your TV.

That's sure something I need to try soonish! I was a bit reluctant to buy the not-so-cheap Apple cable. This guide not only saves me some money, but it's also nicer being able to use standard components instead of proprietary stuff...

Update 2006-01-07: I have tested video playback using such a standard cable today and it works fine! The video quality is quite good, too, even at 320x240 (but you can probably also have bigger videos, I guess). Using a cable which only has two connectors (white and red probably) works too, but you only get audio and no video then.


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This does not work - it just

This does not work - it just tells you to plug in a video accessary!!

Thanks for the great link to

Thanks for the great link to the tutorial. I have tried to watch videos from my iPod on TV by myself with a simple cable but I didn't manage to do that.. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I will try again. By the way this cable from Apple store is not so expensive now as it was earlier. So maybe it would be more simple to purchase it. Thanks anyway!


Andrew Vondon from iphone application development

I tried doing this with my

I tried doing this with my Ipod Nano 3G but it does not work. It was asking me to plug in the "appropriate cable" when I tried to plug everything in. Apparently, instead of plugging it into the headphone jack, it needs to be plugged into that slot where the charger goes ergo I have to buy it from Apple. Sigh**** Any ideas?

You can get both audio and

You can get both audio and video using a cable with two connectors as long as your TV plug-in only has one receptical, as most nowadays are coming with. Just use the video plug and the audio should also come through - this does depend on the set though.

Video to iPod Converter

you are so cleaver to think out the method to watch videos from your 5g video iPod on TV without buying the Apple video cable, may be i can't do this!

i just know to use the video ipod converter to do so,

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the videos look fine on your

the videos look fine on your tv if you convert a DVD quality file to a resolution bigger than the standard ipod video size. when playing on the ipod, the ipod automatically downscales the video, from what I've heard

record on 5G ipod

hello, came across this blog in search to learn about audio recording capabilities for a new 5G ipod. I do not have so much knowledge so far, but learned along surfing that there is obviously a linux possibilty for elder Gs ... reading your blog now I wonder if you can help me if the hack for audio recording can be installed on the new generation? .. as so far I came across contradicting reviews .. some say it does for 5th (, some say it does not .... would appreciate some experienced comment. Thank you mo

Watching Video From Vipod on TV

Definatley something that I have been thinking about doing. I love the quality on my video iPod (for movies i.e), but I believe that the quality from your video iPod to the TV will be a little bit out of whack. This is what I read at MacNN site.

Video Quality

Yeah, the quality probably won't be excellent, but it should suffice. We'll see, I hope to be able to test it this weekend...


Have found, like the other

Have found, like the other poster, that when it's connected up and I should be looking at a " status screen " I am seeing a message that tells me to " connect video device " with picture of the receptacle for the charger. Can anyone help me out?