Securing Apache Checklist

I have just created a small checklist in my security section about how to secure an Apache webserver.
Note that this is work in progress and will be improved as my time permits. Any comments or suggestions are highly welcome, though.

Save disk space on your Debian system with localepurge

On any of your Debian boxes you can minimize the disk space used with a nifty little package called localepurge.
This comes especially handy on root-servers or virtual servers where disk space is usually quite limited.

After installing anything with apt-get install foo, localepurge will remove all translation files and translated manpages in languages you cannot read (can be configured in /etc/locale.nopurge, of course).

This can save you several megabytes of disk space, depending on the packages you have installed.

Links section now replaced with

I have replaced my old and unmaintained list of bookmarks at with an automatically (via XML feed) updated list of my most recent bookmarks.

Also, there's a new block "My Bookmarks" on the right which shows the ten most recent entries on my bookmarks list.

New Theme

As you probably have already noticed, I installed a new default theme on my blog / homepage. It's a slightly customized version of the FriendsLight theme by Michael Geary, which in turn is a modified version of the FriendsElectric theme by Steven Wittens.

If you notice anything which has broken, please drop me a note.

Update: I have installed the old theme again for now, as there are some severe problems with IE (especially older versions). I'll try to come up with something more portable, stay tuned.

IsNot Operator Patent

I can't believe this is true. Microsoft tries to patent a programming function to determine if two variables point to the same location in memory, i.e. the IsNot (or != or <> or neq) operator. Quick, head over to You know what to do.

(via Heise (German)).

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