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After a long time of ignoring (or at least not using) micro-blogging services such as Twitter, I recently tried the Free-Software based service, and I'm beginning to like it.

The choice of service was pretty obvious — while Twitter uses proprietary software and has custom Terms of Service, is based on software under the GNU Affero General Public License, and the contents are CC-BY 3.0 licensed.

The code behind is called Laconica (recently renamed to StatusNet) and is hosted at gitorious:

 $ git clone git://

My account details are available under, where I'm posting smaller announcements and notes about random technical stuff I'm working on (slightly more regularly than in this blog). Sometimes I use the web interface for posting, but using the Jabber integration available at is even more convenient. You can both be notified of new posts ("dents") in real time via Jabber, as well as post your own dents from within your Jabber client, which is nice. seems to become more popular every day, which will hopefully make the proprietary Twitter pretty much irrelevant sooner or later.


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I'd think not, I'd guess the tweeters will really be out to get you for dissing their beloved Twitter!

I just had a look at Identi, I never heard of it before now. You should Tweet about it! I'm thinking that perhaps it could evolve into a specialist Twitter for techie-types, and the general low-level gossiping will stay on the main Twitter. In that case, signal to noise etc, many would say it will serve a useful function.


Some competition

Some healthy competition is always a good thing. But I've also have to say I didn't hear of Identi before today. It's interesting to see if they can mantain theire growth.