It's here

My video iPod

Don't ask me why, but my video iPod has unexpectedly arrived yesterday instead of sometime next week as I was told. But hey, who am I to complain?

Quick notes:

  • Sound quality is great, videos look great.
  • GNUpod doesn't work yet, it seems the iTunesDB format has changed. I'll investigate.
  • I tried putting the whole Wikipedia on the iPod using the Notes feature. It's not that easy unfortunately, as the built in software limits file sizes to 4 KB, and the number of notes to 1000. Maybe iPod Linux software will support this.
  • Speaking of iPod Linux — it doesn't work yet. I'll try to come up with patches.

No time for blogging, must play with iPod...


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Really love Ipods

Since three days i´ve got an ipod too. It´s just fantastic, my old 256MB MP3-Player is just old stuff. The Video Ipod has such a great Sound Quality, it´s fantastic!


Congratulations for your new iPod. Welcome in the land of Apple!

You have to show me this sweety soon ;)

Mine is on its way...

...I expect to lay hands on it today or tomorrow. If you want, we can try together to unravel the new mysteries of the iTunes database. I do not have much experience but enough interest ;-)

iTunesDB format

Great to hear! I suggest to publish all information on the wiki, they already have quite a bit of information about the iTunesDB format...