Linux running German Pfandautomat

Linux seems to run on more and more embedded systems all over the place. Nice example I learned about recently: Linux running an ALDI "Pfandautomat" (German)... Yeah, I have no idea how to translate "Pfandautomat" (container deposit?).

There's a video (Flash) on the site. A screenshot is here.


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Pfand=deposit, Pfandautomat=Deposit-return-machine.
A Pfandautomat is a machine into which you put bottles upon which you have previously paid a deposit and, which upon accepting the bottle, returns your deposit. This is a typical short German word which is utterly untranslatable into English in less than a paragraph. Technically, a Pfandautomat should be called a Pfandrückgabeautomat.
Now try translating "Gemütlich" -- comfortable is not good enough.


I'm not quiet sure but "pledge automat" is maybe the right translation?
I dunno... ;-)