/media vs. /mnt

Martin, you should enable comments in your blog instead of forcing me to resort to email or spamming Planet Debian :)

Seriously though, while I know that the FHS recommends /media as a mount point for removable media (and it sure makes sense for Debian as a whole to use that), one of the first things I do on my own boxes upon a fresh install is "rmdir /media /cdrom /floppy /initrd". I don't want to have yet another directory cluttering my root, and I find /mnt is perfectly fine for any mount points, especially since I don't really care whether I mount removable media or not. For example, I have /mnt/cdrom, /mnt/usbstick, /mnt/win, /mnt/hda1, /mnt/hda2, ..., /mnt/ipod etc. etc.


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fs root is not trash can!

Agreed. It's very ugly to convert / into a trash can. I usually remove /floppy, /cdrom, /media, and also /initrd (I use my own kernels without initrd support compiled in) and ugly symlinks to vmlinuz in /boot, I can't even imagine why these symlinks are useful..

/initrd, /floppy

Oooh, I completely forgot about /initrd and /floppy, two more directories I regularly remove ;) Thanks for the reminder.

Why not media ?

And why don't you use /media/cdrom, /media/usbstick etc.. ? :)

The word media is better (or at least sounds better) than the unpronounceable "mnt" ;-)

/media sucks ;)

OK, two reasons:

  1. /mnt was there before, /media is one of these modern things nobody needs ;)
  2. /media is recommended for removable media only, and I have removable and non-removable mount points, so I prefer /mnt.

Other than that I could use /media, too, I agree ;)

I spent 30 mins trying 2 find where /mnt/media or /mnt/cdrom was

I spent 30 minutes of my time going in circles trying to install the
Virtualbox Linux additions in Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.4

The first problem is that Ubuntu (Netbook remix is what I´m using but I
suppose the regular Ubuntu does as well) comes with the root account
disabled by default.

So you cannot "su" to root from a shell. You always get
"authentication failed" despite entering the right password. The
number of incidents if you do a Google search for "su authentication
failed" is mind blowing.... over 55,000 results.

All why? Because the error message "authentication failed" should
really say "root account logins are disabled". Now THAT would give
users some hint about what is happening.

But I disgress. Back to the issue of this post.

The second problem was finding where Ubuntu Netbook Remix mounts the
CD/DVD media.

The "new" UI in the netbook edition is confusing already, but you have
to go to System-> Disk utility (which has a hard disk as its icon), I
thought it was fdisk or other partitioning tool but no, it actually
gives information about all storage devices. Then click on Local
storage->cd/dvd drive and there you will find the mount point, which
on Ubuntu Netbook remix is just "/media".

I WAS LOOKING FOR /MNT/CDROM or /mnt/media but there are no such mountpoints. I
was further confused because /etc/fstab does not contain anything
regarding removable cd or dvd drives.

Are they trying to make linux "easy" by replacing everything old users have learned??