Open-Source software for LightScribe CDs and DVDs?

Dear Lazyweb,

is there any Free Software utility for putting those nice logos/images on LightScribe CDs or DVDs? I'm considering buying such a CD/DVD burner, but only if there's open-source software to control the device. I guess burning CDs/DVDs should be no problem using wodim/cdrecord, but adding images as labels on the CD/DVD is likely not possible without special software.

I know about the LightScribe Linux software (which is binary-only and not open-source, it seems) and LaCie LightScribe Labeler for Linux (which only creates labels but does not write them to the CD/DVD, and is not open-source either, I think).

Anyone aware of a Free Software utility for this? Or at least a public specification/datasheet which could be used for creating one? I might even be willing to join development if datasheets are available.


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The Lacie lightscribe burner, although not open-source, actually does work quite well. It burns too. I used it a few times. Honestly, lightscribe seems to me like more of a gimmick than anything else. I only used it once ever.


I talked to bdale since he works for HP and he sent an email off to find out who he should talk to about this.


Great, thanks a lot!

I registered at the

I registered at the LightScribe discussion forums and asked about it there:


Thanks! Let's see what answers that post will receive.

LightScribe Automation in Linux

Does anyone out there may know this Nimbie if it works only in Windows? or also Linux?

It does not only LightScrib, but also music CD ripping and burns data to discs in automation.

This is Xymba (?), burn and

This is Xymba (?), burn and label discs automatically..

Xymba will burn data on disc and LightScribe each one with matching visual information (merge text such as date stamp, serial number...)