OpenSolaris [Update]

A lot of hype is going on lately about OpenSolaris. Here's a short summary (mixed with some stupid comments from me) for those who missed the news until now.

  • Although the license (the CDDL) has been OSI-approved, it's not exactly a license I'd consider free. It's especially not GPL-compatible, it seems.
  • The usual grep "idiot" * in the source code and similar searches (which do reveal some hits, although the code was cleaned before the release), are being discussed on Slashdot and elsewhere. My personal favourite is this comment in the code:
    Thank God nobody's looking at this comment, or my reputation would be ruined.
    Bad luck for this guy.
    Lessons learned: Always write your code and comments as if the whole world could read them, because one day that might be the case.
  • Jörg Schilling is preparing SchilliX, an OpenSolaris distribution and LiveCD.
  • A small analysis of the code, performed by me using David Wheeler's sloccount:
    The whole source contains ca. 4.1 million lines of code (MLOC), spread across ca. 24.000 files. (OpenSolaris ships with a complete Perl distribution in the tarball. I removed that before the analysis).
    Compare this to Linux: ca. 4.2 MLOC (Linux in 18.000 files.
  • Rumours about a Debian GNU/OpenSolaris seem to float around. The license might be a problem, I guess. We'll see...

Update: The above quote is from the GRUB source code (included in OpenSolaris), not from the original OpenSolaris code. Thanks for the corrections. Also, Linux has 4.2 MLOC, not 4.2 LOC (yay, I spotted that one myself ;-).


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code comments

As is stated in the article you linked, this one embarassing comment was found in the grub source code, which is open source anyway and wasn't written by sun. Hmmmm.

Thanks for correcting me

Thanks for correcting me (thanks also to dancerj), I need to read a bit more thoroughly... I still think the comment is funny, just for other reasons now ;-)

To compensate for my messing up, here's one from the real OpenSolaris source (I hope!):

* Fucking unions...


Thank God

But that comment's from grub, we distribute it as well!