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The world has a new podcasting fan — me. I noticed that iPodder has entered Debian unstable a few days ago (thanks Hilko Bengen!). After a few problems (see bug #326686 for a solution), it now works and looks quite nice to me. I have never used iTunes, so I can't really comment on how iPodder compares to it (anyone?). Also, please leave a comment if you can recommend any other (better?) free software "podcatcher". I noticed podracer, a command line program, which is nice for "headless" usage...

I subscribed to a few initial podcasts for now, more will certainly follow:

My subscribed feeds are available as OPML file, I'll update the list from time to time... Any recommendations for good podcasts are welcome!

Oh, and I'm also thinking of starting my own podcast soon, stay tuned!


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You may want to have a look at bashpodder.

I have been using bashpodder for a while now and it't pretty cool, just setup a cron job to run every morning and you are sorted.




i like monopod

simple to use and integrates nice with gnome


Thanks John, I'll have a look at it, seems quite nice for command line usage. I'm looking for a graphical tool, too, so I have installed the latest amaroK recently, which now has podcast support. Now that's a really great music player, especially if you want to handle your music collection and your podcasts with a single application...


Thanks for subscribing and linking to me

Hi there,
I just noticed that you were linking to me and wanted to say thanks for linking and subscribing :)

Aaron from Celtic Music News

me too ;-)

me too ;-)

Celtic Music News

Hi Aaron,

you're welcome :) Keep up the good work, I really like the music you play...