Some of my photos on flickr

Quake Level
Escher lookalike architecture
Yes, I finally got a (free) flickr account and uploaded some of my favorite photos from my photoblog to my flickr page.

This has several reasons:

  • Increased exposure to the public + I hope for many ratings and comments from other flickr users.
  • I wanted to get a flickr account anyways in order to be able to comment on other people's photos.
  • As my photos are Creative Commons licensed they can be "remixed". See the flickr remix group for some nice examples. I'll probably create some remixes of other people's photos, too.

Note: My photoblog will not die, I will continue posting new stuff there. I'll just use the flickr page for some selected shots.

There's an RSS feed for the flickr page, if you want track my photos.