The Hierarchy of Programmers

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Programmer Hierarchy

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fantastic language

fantastic language

I'm perfectly happy writing

I'm perfectly happy writing non-web-related code in Ruby, thank you. Just 'cause it happens to be awesome for web programming doesn't mean it has to be used that way. :)


Full ACK :) Ruby is a fantastic language, no matter for what purpose.

Ruby < Lisp

But if you have not tried Common Lisp you do not know which language is really fantastic! :)

Ruby is another step further on copying the ideas found since ages in lisp.

I ask myself what will be the next hyped language. And in how many years the most hyped language will be something equal to the current lisp implementations.


Um, I'm currently reading chapter four of Practical Common Lisp, stay tuned :)

Anyways, Ruby is great nevertheless, it's almost as powerful as LISP but has a more "streamline" syntax most people are already used to, which makes it very useful, IMHO.


I would use the word "familiar" for Ruby's syntax. S-expressions are pretty streamlined. Good luck with the book, I am working my way through it also (too many years of C are making the journey a little rough).

C is the King!

I've always said that if you can't do it in C; then it can't, or shouldn't, be done.