Unmaintained Free Software Wiki

Today I have moved my site Unmaintained Free Software to another server, again. The URL didn't change, so no need to update your bookmarks or anything.
In the next few days or weeks, I'll be migrating the whole content of the database to the new Unmaintained Free Software Wiki, which is in beta stage right now, but you can already play with it and add/change stuff.

As soon as the content is migrated, I'll remove the old site and the wiki will become the authoritative source.

I hope that moving to a wiki will, on the one hand, foster collaboration and encourage people to contribute, and - on the other hand - simplify and speed up the management of the site itself.

All content will be licensed unter the terms of the GNU FDL.

So, if you know of any unmaintained project or want to take over maintenance of a currently unmaintained project, go ahead.