WE ARE POPE! [Update]


In English: "WE ARE POPE!". This is the headline which could be seen one day after the papal election in the (German) tabloid daily newspaper Bild-Zeitung (similar in style and quality to The Sun).

BILDblog (a blog which watches and criticizes the newspaper, very satiric, very funny) has an image of the headline — a must-see. I saw the headline when walking by a "newspaper-stand" (no idea how this is called in English) on my way to a subway station here in Munich and nearly laughed my ass off.

Update: Someone is collecting "WIR SIND PAPST!" images...


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Thank you

Weren't we pope already?
By the way, It's interesting how often and fast The Sun proves Godwin's Law. They can't make one single article about Germany or a German without referring to it - one could think the British are obsessed by the Nazis, but then again don't judge a country by its newspapers (I wouldn't want this, either).