Welcome to my new homepage!

Today I switched from using hand-made PHP files written in vim to using the wonderful CMS Drupal.

This gives me much more flexibility to administer the homepage itself, allows visitors to add comments to most pages, gives visitors access to RSS feeds, shows the most popular content and lots more...

It also allows me to easily write entries to my new Blog – of which this is the first post, by the way.

Any comments are appreciated.


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The site looks nice ... but I would say that you need a better logo for your page. ;)
I also ask myself why everyone creating a homepage is adding that tons of rss feed boxes ... every homepage seems to be a portal of some kind. Isn't that a bit obsolete? o_O

Cheers Esden

RSS feeds.

Oh well, I just added a bunch of feeds from sites I read from time to time. This way, even if I'm away from my own computer, I can easily read all the news without having to remember all URLs...

I think a better solution for

I think a better solution for your problem would be your own portal site somewhere. But not on the front page of your homepage. For example: http://www.hermann-uwe.de/portal or so. Don't you think?

Good point. Done.

Good point. Done.