My Contributions

Here is a list of Free Software projects where I have contributed code, documentation etc.

coreboot logo

coreboot (previously known as LinuxBIOS) is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) you can find in most of today's computers.

I am one of the current coreboot developers/maintainers. I have contributed support for a bunch of mainboards, chipsets, Super I/O chips and a various other patches, and also reworked the project wiki.

Debian logo

Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer.

I am one of many hundreds of Debian developers. Here's the list of Debian packages I maintain.

flashrom logo

Flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, and erasing BIOS/ROM/flash chips.

I am one of the current flashrom developers/maintainers. I have contributed support for various new chips and boards, support for external flashers (e.g. 3Com cards or FTDI FT2232H based devices), as well as various infrastructure improvements.

Miro logo

Miro is a free RSS video downloader and viewer, intended to help you track videoblogs, and Internet TV shows.

So far I've contributed various code patches (including video search support for,, and In addition, I maintain the official Miro Debian package (which also migrates to Ubuntu after some time).

Drupal screenshot

Drupal is a Free Software Content Management System written in PHP.

Apart from various smaller patches which I have contributed, I was also one of the maintainers of the German translation of the Drupal interface, and the maintainer of the poormanscron module.

See my user page at and the list of my posts, bug-reports, patches and comments for details.

At the moment, I'm no longer actively working on Drupal development.

gtkpod logo

gtkpod (+libgpod) allows you to sync your music, photos and videos to the iPod portable music player.

I have created initial patches which added support for syncing videos to the 5g video iPod using gtkpod. The patches have been integrated into the project.

Wikipedia logo

I have started writing and improving various articles for Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia.

I'm active in the German Wikipedia, the English Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia Commons.

Beagle logo

Beagle is a desktop search tool. It can search your documents, spreadseets, images, emails, IM conversations, web history, source code, and lots more.

I have added the Ruby Filter so far, which allows Beagle to index Ruby source code files.

Civil screenshot

Civil is a cross-platform, real-time, networked strategy game allowing players to take part in scenarios set during the American Civil War.

So far, I have fixed the broken installation procedure, I fixed a small but annoying networking bug and I wrote a README and three manpages for Civil.

aatv screenshot

aatv is a program written by Florent de Lamotte which allows you to watch TV in a text-based console, e.g. a virtual console or an xterm.

I have packaged aatv for Debian GNU/Linux, fixed some issues in the code and added a manpage during this process. Then, I decided I might as well autoconfiscate the package and add/change some more stuff in the source. All changes I made were included in the official release; read the aatv ChangeLog for details.

Heroes screenshot

Heroes is a nibbles-like or tron-like game with great graphics and sound. It features several different game-modes and extras.

I have cleaned up the code a bit, and fixed several typos and some portability issues, so far.

WWWOFFLE is a HTTP and FTP proxy, that allows you to browse webpages offline.

I wrote a patch for WWWOFFLE 2.5c, which allows you to start the cycling of the lasttime and prevtime directories manually, and not only each time wwwoffled goes online.

Sourceforge is a service which provides developers of Free Software projects access to everything they might ever need, e.g. CVS, mailing-lists, bug-tracking systems, forums, homepages, surveys etc.

So far, I have written a German translation of the Sourceforge CVS-HOWTO and fixed some issues of the other documentation.

I wrote a patch for the GPL'ed Quake source-code, which allows you to bind a command to the left and the right SHIFT key. Up to now you could only bind SHIFT, now you can bind SHIFT (left shift-key) and RSHIFT (right shift-key), which is very important for sliding to the left/right (yes, I use the keyboard to play Quake, I don't use the mouse at all).

I have temporarily maintained the GTK+ based webbrowser Express. As of June 2000 Brian St. Pierre has taken over maintainance.
Express is unmaintained/obsolete since December 2000.

links screenshot

Links is a great text-based browser for GNU/Linux. It can display colors, tables and frames.

I contributed some tiny code chunks to links, which is in the official distribution now. Read the links ChangeLog for details.

lcdemu screenshot

lcdemu is a software-emulator of an LCD-display.
I have contributed some stuff to version 0.4.1, 0.4.2 and 0.5.

Quite some time ago, I translated the News-Leafsite HOWTO into German language for the German HOWTO project.

RealTimeBattle screenshot

RealTimeBattle is a programming game, in which robots controlled by programs are fighting each other.

I translated the RealTimeBattle User Manual into German language. The translation is covered by the GPL.

Nowadays I do not maintain the translation anymore, but the new maintainers of RealTimeBattle keep the translation up-to-date now here.

Minor improvements, bugfixes, and cosmetic fixes

I also contributed smaller, random patches to the following projects:

  • barebox — an open-source bootloader for embedded systems
  • xen-tools — a collection of tools which allow you to easily create new Xen guest domains
  • bchat — a GPL'ed web-based chat/community system
  • ghtsclient — a GTK+ based client for my realtime multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
  • ProZilla — HTTP/FTP download accelerator for GNU/Linux
  • NOFFLE — A news-server optimized for few users and low speed dial-up connections
  • OpenOCD — Open on-chip JTAG debug solution for ARM and MIPS systems
  • UrJTAG — JTAG programmer for various flash parts and boards
  • lm-sensors — Utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors (e.g. sensors-detect)
  • Open-BLDC — Open-source brushless DC motor controller
  • Linux — The Linux kernel project
  • IgH EtherCAT Master — EtherCAT Master software stack for Linux
  • ROS — A Robot Operating System