Battle for Wesnoth

Wesnoth screenshot

Battle for Wesnoth is a very addictive open source turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

You can download the replays of my games (425 KB) here, I hope you enjoy watching them.

Current replays:

  • Heir to the Throne campaign: Levels 1 - 26 (total: 26). The replay of level 23 is missing, I accidentally deleted the file.


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Really I love this game,it

Really I love this game,it roks

dead link

download link is dead


Fixed, thanks.

Please note that the files probably no longer work with newer versions of the game (the file format has changed).



Randomly stumbling across this really made my day.

He's right, though, that the old replays he saved won't play back in newer versions of the game. However, if he were to specify which version of the game he played them with (this may well be listed inside the data files, which are plaintext), a person could download that version from the archives, and view the replays within it.