Firefox/Iceweasel TABs


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Or removing all options from

Or removing all options from "/" searches so that you have to use ^F instead. For goodness sake, it's not exactly going to be newbies using / for searching is it?

CTRL-f vs. /

Good point, yes :)

That's the problem with some

That's the problem with some of the decisions made in projects like these, like for Firefox but a hundred times worse for Epiphany: the guys making the calls are not tab users themselves! (Or at least think that anything above 5 tabs is broken usage). And these people mean to tell us how to use our tabs... sigh. It's so stupid it lacks description. At least the Firefox one isn't (yet) as retarded as Epiphany/Gedit and other GNOME friends. And the Evince people have some backwards argument about being "document centric" (as opposed to "usable", I guess) for not having any at all. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Well that's what you get when you let "Max Power way" fanatics make the calls with no way to override.

Feature removals

Yeah, I don't like this trend of removing or simplifying features at all... It's fine to hide them behind an "Expert settings" button or so, but for god's sake don't remove perfectly fine features...