Toshiba Satellite A80-117

Toshiba Satellite A80-117

My Toshiba Satellite A80-117. Photo taken by me. License: GFDL.

See also My New Laptop (Toshiba Satellite A80-117) and (U)DMA On My Toshiba Satellite A80-117 for more information about the laptop.


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i happen to have picked one up in hong kong myself, and i must say, i am pleased. it's replaced my tecra 8100 more than adequately.

two of a kind...

wondering whether you could help me out...
can't find much info on the A80 - in fact, your blog is one of the only site that mentions it.
trying to decide between an A80 or you know anything about it?



I don't know anything about the M40, sorry, but I'll try to answer any specific questions you have about the A80...


Hi, I have recently bought


I have recently bought the same make of the laptop. I was trying to load Linux ( knoppix , debian , SUSE 9.3 ) but always got the PCMCIA card reader problem. For some reason its getting 'stuck' at that....

I can install linux using the -NOPCMCIA option ...but not very sure what's happening there.

Also the DVD RAM drive does not function reliably ..... is this the same with you ....


I don't have a PCMCIA device, so I can't really test that, but the drivers are loading fine here (2.6.13). Also, I didn't notice problems with the DVD drive, yet...

HTH, Uwe.