Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

A photo of a Christmas tree, taken from Wikipedia. Author: Malene Thyssen. License: GFDL / CC-by-sa-2.5.


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fake trees are better

I agree with you one hundred percent. Real trees are too much hassle for as convenient as fake trees are.

Artificial vs Real Christmas Trees

A simple list on why Artificial Christmas Trees are better than real christmas trees.

  • Artificial Christmas trees last longer than real trees.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are safer than real trees because they are not a fire hazard.
  • Studies show that plastic artificial Christmas trees are thrown out after ten years.
  • There is no hassle in buying artificial Christmas trees because they are found in many shops around Christmas.
  • Artificial Christmas trees can be decorated with tinsel or foliage coloured tinsel.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are generally inexpensive, because they are made out of cheap inexpensive materials whereas many cheaper live trees are of poor quality as well as they deteriorate quickly. Shop around to find a tree that you like within your price limit!
  • Artificial Christmas trees don't litter the floor with pine needles like real trees do.
  • Artificial Christmas trees don't bother you if you don't like the smell of pine or have allergies.
  • If you happen to like the smell of pine you can buy a special pine spray for your artificial Christmas trees.
  • Artificial Christmas trees can't rot like real trees can.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are easy to assemble and easy to store away.
  • Artificial Christmas trees don't weigh much.

artificial versus real

It is almost impressive how ignorant some people are about the whole real vs fake debate.

First I will tell you what you had right in your list:
"Artificial trees do last longer than real trees / artificial Christmas trees can't rot like real trees can." - so long that they will never decompose in our lifetimes. Hmmm...all those artificial trees have to go somewhere - landfills. Don't even pretend that people keep these trees for 50 years in their homes. Real trees can be mulched and recycled in more ways than I have the time to tell you.
"Artificial trees are made out of cheap materials" - little things like petroleum, pvc (a known carcinogen), slave labor in China - research this before you feel like it's worth it.
" Artificial Christmas trees don't litter the floor with pine needles like real trees do." - heaven forbid you actually have to vacuum your home - such a hassle to clean...

Good suggestion - buy artificial pine scent to spray in your home next to your lead-based tree. Did you know in California they actually by law have to put a notice on fake trees that warn people about their use? Children are not ever supposed to touch them in fear of what could happen to them. Sounds like something I want in my house.

FYI - Christmas trees, real or fake, are responsible for less than .001% of house fires at Christmas time. Last I checked, Real trees don't spontaneously combust.

Check your facts before you make blanket statements about things you don't understand.

thanks for information

thanks for information

artificial versus real

You should check the facts about things you don't understand.
There is no law of children not to touch a tree. What lifetime/decade/centurly are you living in? Isn't there worse things to complain about other than whethe people should use real or fake trees? Its a personal preference. Its either you use real, fake or neither. For those that care about the earth will use fake.....oh but wait, then you'll bitch about what we do with the old trees. Face it people, doesn't matter how mindful you try to be, someone will always be there to tell you when you're wrong. NO matter how much good you may be doing, someone will tell you you're wrong.
Get a life people. Use/do what you want in your home. Its your choice.