Klingon Wikipedia

Today, I stubled over a new language project of the Wikipedia, the Klingon Wikipedia. No, I don't understand a word, but the mere fact of the existence of this wiki is funny enough for me to post it here.

Drupal statistics

drupal.org currently carries a story by its author Dries Buytaert where he compares the popularity of CMSes (and blogging systems and forums) using the Alexa traffic ranking service. There's several nice graphs included, so have a look.
Also, there's a similar service called g-metrics.com which can be used to create nice graphs from the number of hits Google returns for a given keyword. See the graph for Drupal for an example.

(via Peter van I. via email and drupal.org)

OpenSSH 4.0 released

Probably one of the most important security-related tools, used on a daily basis by many people, has been updated. The new OpenSSH 4.0 has been released a few days ago.
Among the usual bugfixes are also some nifty new features. IMHO a very nice thing is the new (optional) hashing of host names and addresses added to known_hosts files. This improves your privacy, as the list of hosts you connected to in the past, is not easily visible in plain-text anymore.

My Drupal article has been published in the German Linux-Magazin


I am somewhat proud to announce that an article written by me about the free CMS Drupal, has been published by the German Linux journal Linux-Magazin. It's available in their Sonderheft Linux-Magazin 2/2005: Web Edition (a special issue about web publishing).
Unfortunately the article is not available online, so you'll have to buy the magazine to read it.

My article gives a broad introduction to Drupal, covering the installation (and some troubleshooting) as well as the basic concepts like nodes, users, roles, permissions, themes, modules etc. I briefly introduce some important contributed modules, explain how one usually installs modules and give a short overview of what will be new in the next release, Drupal 4.6. There's also a tiny section about the history of Drupal, and I provided links to some interesting Drupal-stuff like the Custom Blocks repository (which has recently moved, so the URL in the article is wrong), the Drupal Theme Garden and the Drupal API documentation.

If you happen to have read the article, I'd be happy to get some feedback.

Drupal 4.6 release candidate

The first release candidate of of Drupal 4.6 is available. You can already check out the soon-to-be-released new version of Drupal, but bear in mind that some bugs and issues will have to be resolved until the final release.

There will be some great new features and improvements, check out the ChangeLog.

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