Longest Regular Expression Ever

This has to be the longest regular expression I have ever seen. It's an email address validation routine posted on a Wordpress mailinglist. Pretty impressing.

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de.lirio.us, a del.icio.us clone

Steve Mallett has announced his new del.icio.us clone called de.lirio.us. The main difference between both, is that the (Perl) source code for de.lirio.us is freely available under the same license as Perl and it has a note-taking feature, i.e. you can add longer notes/posts to every URL.

I'm curious how successful it'll be and how it will compare to del.icio.us...

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Create a backup of your data NOW!

Do yourself a favour today and create backups of everything important you have. Today. Now!

I have probably just had the few most horrible minutes of my life or so. My laptop went down with a loud bang, the fuse for my living room was burnt through (oh, I removed the batteries from my laptop long ago, so this means 'no power == no laptop' for me) and my last backup was done way too long ago.
Fortunately (or I would not be writing this), my laptop is still alive and well (it seems), but now there's one thing I'll need to do right now: MAKE BACKUPS!

5x5 Go is solved

Go Board

News from 2002:

The researcher Erik van der Werf has written a computer program, which has solved a 5x5 variant of the acient japanese/chinese board game Go. Read his announce on the Computer Go mailinglist and the more recent article "Computer cracks Go game" for more details.

The story has been brought up again by Slashdot, recently.

(via The Tao of Gaming and Eyebeam reBlog)

BFBTester and other Auditing Tools

I tried out the nice bfbtester tool (Brute Force Binary Tester) today, which performs checks of single and multiple argument command line overflows as well as environment variable overflows and thus helps in finding possibly insecure software (and fixing it, of course).

A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a very similar post by Nico Golde, who blogged about bfbtester today, too.

I'll probably post a slightly longer article eventually, listing some more tools for checking and auditing software (either black-box style using bfbtester or similar tools, or white-box style, i.e. tools which scan the source code of the software being tested, like rats, flawfinder, pscan etc.).

The Debian Security Audit Project (which I have joined recently in order to help a bit with auditing Debian packages) has some more information about a few Security Auditing Tools.

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