Astronomy Picture of the Day

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

The Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is a very interesting site maintained by two professional astronomers. They post a new astronomy picture (from NASA, Hubble, etc.) with some explanations every day. Some very interesting facts and pictures to be seen there, check it out.

The image on the right (click for full image) is taken from the APOD of January 12, 2005. It shows the barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300 (70 million light-years away from us).

Unmaintained Free Software Wiki online

The Unmaintained Free Software wiki is now online and has been declared by me to be the authoritative source for unmaintained or orphaned Free Software projects. The old website is gone, but I will port the old contents to the wiki step by step. Please bear with me.

The wiki can be reached from either or, so no need to change any bookmarks.

All content of the wiki is licensed unter the terms of the GNU FDL.

Again, if you know of any unmaintained project or want to take over maintenance of a currently unmaintained project, go ahead.

My shiny new account

After reading for a while now and being quite content with it, I decided I could as well get an account, too.
You can now view what I'm bookmarking on my page, Have fun.

Cryptanalysis of SHA-1

Following up on the recent SHA-1 broken! rumours, Bruce Schneier has posted a follow-up article with a more in-depth cryptanalysis of SHA-1.

As I understand it, his points are that SHA-1 should be replaced on the long run, but there's no reason to panic right now.

My Blog mentioned on

A major surprise for me today: My humble blog was mentioned on, a very famous German weblog.
Thanks and hello to everyone coming from!

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