Another bridge

Another bridge

A huge bridge somewhere in the mountains of Switzerland.


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What should I say. That is simply an amazing shot! I was asking myself at first: "from which travel magazine did you get that"

The only sad thing is that the image is not the best quality :( I really think we two should take a tour somewhere with our cameras. When you and I have the overwhelmingly expensive machinary to freeze time and put in binary two dimensional rgb matrix representation. ;)

But ... we can also make an exception and do that even with the crap we have currently. I think it would be fun. Don't you?

Crap camera

Hi, great that you like it. The quality is crap, yes :( The camera does 1280x960, which I scale down to 1024x768 before uploading (and the image you see in the photoblog is a preview of 640x480, I think)...

A whole day out somewhere taking photos would be nice — we only need to find enough time...