Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

A single maple leaf in autumn.

This is my entry for this weeks Photo Friday challenge: "Five".

This is my entry for this weeks Photo Friday challenge: "Autumn 2009".


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Leaf on cobblestone photo

I've been searching for a photo for the cover of a book I am having printed as print-on-demand and your image would be ideal. May I use it for the cover? I will give you full credit for the photo and a percentage of the royalties if you wish. Please let me know as soon as possible if I may use it.

Thank you,
Karyn Fry


Yes, feel free to use the photo for any purposes permitted by the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license which applies to all photos in my photoblog.



I was searching for a photo to put up with for my Etsy craft account and saw your picture. Its perfect. If its alright with you I would like to use it as part of my Bio Image.

Sure, go ahead.

Sure, go ahead.

Using your photo

Hello I would love to use your photo as graphic for my band. My bands name is Juliets Autumn and your photo is amazing!

Photo usage

Sure, go ahead.


Hi. I saw your leaf on cobblestone pic and wondered if Icould use it as a Myspace background. Thanks, Kyla

Great photo

Your photo of the leaf on cobblestones is beautiful. I teach German to adults in the U.S., and I would like to use it to decorate our "Lehrplan" for November. Thanks for putting it on the Web.


Sure, go ahead!

Thanks, Uwe.

Leaf photo

That autumn leaf photo is beautiful. I am taking a photography class now, and I am just beginning to learn about how it is done.

The only problem here is one of English spelling. The singular of leaves is leaf. Your picture is of one maple leaf.


Fixed, thanks.

As for the photo — nothing fancy really. The leaf was very colorful and the street very dull/gray. I post-edited the colors/contrast a bit, but that's about it.

HTH, Uwe.

Really Nice

In our blogue, with your's reference :-)

it was a first result in

it was a first result in google for autumn. very nice to see debian developer's blog with such romantic attitude. especially after fighting the whole day with pam+ssl ;)

Autumn leaf

Saw the beautiful leaf picture and would love to use it on an invite! Would you be happy for me to do so? Do you have the original hi res image if so? Thank you!

Sure, feel free to use it as

Sure, feel free to use it as long as you respect the license. The original images is here.