Blue Flower


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I love this flower

This flower is awesome. The colour is beautiful! I want to quill this flower.


Great flower, looks fantastic. It looks so cool and awesome


This is called a periwinkle. It is also the name of a color blue. We have all kinds of these on our hillside in the shade. I love to take pictures of them every spring. Nice shot!

Periwinkle Flower Picture

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Pretty good post. I just came across your site and wanted to say that I have truly loved reading through your blog posts. Any ways I’m going to be subscribing for your feed and I hope you post again soon.
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I like it

It so beautiful flower i so much like this colour. It's reallY? :)



i got this

tattooed on my forearm yesterday. it's a really pretty flower


Wow thats dumb of you wimpus maximus or as the Germans say, sitzpinkler, (wimp, literally a guy who sits to pee)

hi i don't care

hi i don't care

its obvious who ever wrote i

its obvious who ever wrote i dont care didnt have a clue as to what site he/she was typing in


this blurse kang flower is just splendid! the fresh lilys in the backround feature it so lovely! such a nice day to see a rare australian kang.


This is a beautiful image.

Did you enhance the white pentagon towards the centre?
No? Well, Isn't nature wonderful.

All the best,



Nope, it's pretty much unchanged, I only did small adjustments to contrast etc. of the photo.



if i were real i would look like this


nice cool:)

that's wonderfull

that's wonderfull a shot. and good angle

This photo remembers me my

This photo remembers me my childhood ,because inside the flower contains sweet juice it is called'nektar'in my language, bees like it also children of my time did.Thank you for remembering me this!


How ethereal and beautiful you man are an artist

The blue flower

Its very beautiful. Can I use it on my website?

is it true

like a potoshop picture

blue flower

Wow, this picture of this flower is beautifull. I have made this my wallpaper on my computer at my office. Regards, Annemarie


Thanx for the picture, i needed it!

looks wonderful hermann!

looks wonderful hermann!


What type is this flower?

type of flower



Hi Hermann!
I find your flower pictures very inspiring - you really have a gift!
Is it alright if I use 4 of your pictures in a stained glass project? I would like to use the marigold (red and yellow flower), the periwinkle (this one), the fuschia (red and white hanging flowers) and the bachelor's button (spiky blue flower - my description - you just called it a blue flower :) ). I have looked through most of your photoblog, but I don't see any pictures of cut glass. Have you ever taken a picture of that? If you have, would you be willing to share some tips with me so that I can improve my photography efforts?


Hi! Sure, feel free to use the photos. I don't think I have photos of cut glass though.

Anyway, when your project is finished could you post a photo of it somewhere so I can have a look? I'm curious what you will create.

Thanks, Uwe.

what a wonderful name!

what a wonderful name!


lol its well nice lol i might have it on my prom dress lol i love the colour

the flower is called :

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) It's a groundcover

If you take the petals of

If you take the petals of those off and the stem bit, they have 'fairy toothbrushes' in . Great for little kids.

is that true?

is that true?


does anyone really care... now be serious

looks like summit from the

looks like summit from the sea i dont like it tbh

its a flippin flower

its a flippin flower

haha this is so stupid.

haha this is so stupid.




This Is The Most Delctible Flower I Have Ever Seen!

mate its a flower

mate its a flower

Very, very nice! Lots and

Very, very nice! Lots and lots of light to brighten up the picture. I've taken a very, very similar picture of the same flower. To tell you the truth, my picture was a little darker thah yours and had a little less greenish backround. So applaud yourself! That was good!


i am pretty sure its a flower, and its not blue its purple!

I also think it a very

I also think it a very pretty flower and I think it is not blue but purple.

This is actually called

This is actually called Periwinkle (Vinca minor) It's a groundcover

This picture is so lovely I

This picture is so lovely I printed it out, framed it, and put it on the office wall. Thankyou :)

ok.. well you have no life

ok.. well you have no life if u framed it on your wall... and :) your welcome!


Nice, thanks :)

wauw, this is a good example

wauw, this is a good example of the good old short focus (rose) function of the camera. Still, i think you could have got a better picture if the colors were more in contrast. But I must say, it looks good!


It's such a unique flower! I love it! I wish a tun of them would grow in my backyard!