Holy crap! I didn't know the macro functionality of my digital camera was that good ;)


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Dandelion picture dried root for cancer

Simply magnificent Natures Beauty
Does anyone know where I can get freshly dried dandelion root in Israel Michigan NYC or Windsor ON canada.
I read in one place it has curative properties for cancer.
Can anyone reading this substantiate this?
My mother has a liver cancer that the doctors say they cannot treat.


It is beautiful. Who would have thought a weed could have such a great beauty

If they were bigger they would kill us.

I thought you were German??? What an awesome picture - I will never think the same about a dandelion again. I borrowed one of your dandelion pictures for my site today. If you object please tell me, and I'll go find a sorry one to put in its place.


Yes, I'm German. Feel free to use the image for whatever you want as long as the license allows it (Creative Commons By-Sa 2.5).