Fat Pipe


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Nature and Humanity

This image is very nice. I really like the composition. The pipe on the right side breaks the symmetry. The distortion of the reflection adds another touch to the image. The nature and technology. How we humans change the world and intrude it. The image really feels so cold, so negative.

Really like the expression.

Pipe photo

Hi, thanks for the comment! I like the reflection on the water, but the pipe doesn't look very good IMHO. It's way too white, no sure if that's because of the flash or something...


Nature and Humanity

About the pipe. I found out today what exposure correction means. I have a possibility in my camera to change the exposure. When using the option you can change the exposure. I would have to take a look at your camera to show you that.

The other possibility would be to lower the brightness of the area for the pipe using a layer mask ... I do not know how it works under gimp but it should be possible.


I'll try that, thanks.