John Fleagle - I Have a Yong Suster

Another great song performed by John Fleagle. I think this is sung in Latin (partially)... Enjoy!

Song: John Fleagle - I Have a Yong Suster (3:04 min, 2.9 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0


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I Have a Yong Suster

The verses of this song are in Middle English. The repeated "partum quartum pare dicentem, peri meri dictum domine," is Latin-like, but doesn't make any grammatical sense and seem to be in the original text just to make a pleasing, foreign-sounding refrain out of some genuine Latin words and some Latin-sounding nonsense "words."

Pere dicentum (or pare dicentum)

I heard this as a little boy, before I could read or spell. As an adult (reflecting back) I thought the words might be "parody ascentum," but I guess not...???

Middle English

Interesting, thanks! The things you learn on the Internet... :-)