Scott Altham - Hear Us Now (poptastic mix)

Scott Altham album art

After a long pause in this podcast, let me continue with more great music, this time from Scott Altham — a very nice ambient/chillout tune...

Song: Scott Altham - Hear Us Now (poptastic mix) (4:49 min, 8.9 MB)
License: CC-by-nc 3.0
Purchase from: ?


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Good tune

Really good example of great ambient. I am a fan of electronic music and I like this tune as well.

Really good chilling music.

Really good chilling music. Thank's for sharing. What's the name of the singer?


This page says the song uses samples from gros bon ange from Jacinda Espinosa, but this is just my guess. If you want to be sure feel free to contact the author.


Thank's for the answer. She

Thank's for the answer. She has such a good voice. I try to find other songs from her.