paniq - 8-Bit Pioneers


paniq has released a new CC-licensed album named "From zero to hero". Quoting from the site:

This album supports the Piratenpartei Deutschland, which takes part in the general elections for the first time, and stands for freedom of information and open governance. Klarmachen zum Ändern!

There is no advertising budget. If you happen to like this album, please take the time to recommend it to your friends and colleagues.

Song: paniq - 8-Bit Pioneers (2:20 min, 4.3 MB)
License: CC-by-sa 3.0
Purchase from: ?

Leipzig - WaWaW

Leipzig album art

Minimalist techno / electronica from the deepx014 release from "Leipzig"...

Song: Leipzig - Fashion Passion (6:09 min, 15 MB)
License: CC-by 3.0
Purchase from: ?

Shiva in Exile - He'neya

Shiva in Exile album art

Here's some world music from the "Nour" album of Shiva in Exile. Enjoy!

Song: Shiva in Exile - He'neya (4:20 min, 2.4 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0
Purchase from: Magnatune

Saros - The Incomplete Cloth

Saros album art

Nice track from Saros, hope you like it.

Song: Saros - The Incomplete Cloth (7:08 min, 4.0 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0
Purchase from: Magnatune

Severed Fifth - Edge Of Design

Severed Fifth album art

And now for something completely different... Metal from Severed Fifth!

Song: Severed Fifth - Edge Of Design (6:14 min, 8.4 MB)
License: CC-by-sa 2.0
Purchase from:

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