/media vs. /mnt

Martin, you should enable comments in your blog instead of forcing me to resort to email or spamming Planet Debian :)

Seriously though, while I know that the FHS recommends /media as a mount point for removable media (and it sure makes sense for Debian as a whole to use that), one of the first things I do on my own boxes upon a fresh install is "rmdir /media /cdrom /floppy /initrd". I don't want to have yet another directory cluttering my root, and I find /mnt is perfectly fine for any mount points, especially since I don't really care whether I mount removable media or not. For example, I have /mnt/cdrom, /mnt/usbstick, /mnt/win, /mnt/hda1, /mnt/hda2, ..., /mnt/ipod etc. etc.

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