How to find copies or modified versions of your photos online, e.g. using TinEye


I found out about TinEye a few minutes ago. It's a nice little search engine which allows you to find exact copies of a photo or even similar versions of it. You can either upload an image for comparison with their database, or point TinEye to a URL of the image you want to check.

For instance, checkout this this search for my unreasonably popular "Sugar" photo. Or have a look at this list of sample searches.

The site is also used in Wikipedia for detecting the original source of uploaded images.

I know there is some other website which also allows similarity search of images, but I just can't remember the URL. Please leave a comment if you know of other such sites, thanks!

Server/client bookmarks a la

Jesus Climent asks for a "client/server solution for my bookmarks", which I read as " clone". As the comment feature is not available on his blog, I answer with another blog post.

I know of the following Free Software clones:

  1. Scuttle (PHP, GPL)
  2. Rubric (Perl, Artistic license + GPL)
  3. Insipid (Perl, GPL)

I haven't tested recent versions of any of those, but I'll give scuttle another try soon, as I have wanted my own local for quite a while...

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