CC Hits [Update]

I stumbled over CC Hits today, which looks like an interesting site with great potential. It's basically a digg-like site (implemented using ning.com, it seems) which doesn't list articles, but rather Creative Commons licensed songs. You can vote for the songs you like, just like you vote for articles on digg.com.

The site seems to be quite new, and there's not too much traffic yet, but I imagine it could become a very useful resource to find high-quality Creative Commons music. Which is similar to what I'm doing with my Creative Commons music podcast (subscribe here, yadda yadda), and most of the other CC music podcasts do, for that matter.

There's just too much CC music of varying quality out there by now — it's not so much a problem anymore to find some freely and legally available CC music (like it used to be a few years ago). It's more an issue of finding good music and/or music of certain genres you like... Anyways, I'm surely going to checkout CC Hits and use it to find new CC artists and songs for my podcast.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for more sources for good CC music, please leave a comment.


Update 2006-06-05: On a related note, here's a song for all the geeks reading this: Code Monkey (MP3, 3.6 MB) by Jonathan Coulton, Creative Commons licensed, of course.

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