OS Install Experiences - Part 5: Mandriva

Note: This article is part of my OS Install Experiences series.

Long time no install, so here goes.


  1. First, I downloaded a Mandriva One CD image, burned it on a CD, and booted from that.
  2. The (graphical) installer allows you to choose language and country, but there's no German(y). WTF? Maybe I just overlooked it, but I did look twice! When choosing the keyboard layout there is a German layout...
  3. After choosing the timezone, a KDE 3.4 live system is started. If you want to install Mandriva, you click the "Install from live system" icon on the desktop. The installation is done in a wizard after that.
  4. The partitioning tool is quite nice and has an "expert mode" you can enable to see more info and get more control. It performs all actions immediately, though, (AFAICS) which can lead to trouble.
  5. You can choose between LILO or GRUB, and even edit the list of GRUB entries manually (which is nice; many other distributions don't allow that).
  6. After a while there were no more windows or messages, so I thought the install was done and rebooted. Obviously I was wrong. GRUB wasn't installed (the old one was still there), so I had to manually boot into the Mandriva installation. From there, the installation continued...
  7. After net config (even asked me for a zeroconf hostname), root password, user creation and all the usual stuff, you're dropped in a KDE session and the install is done.


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