HitMaps Is Now Called ClustrMaps

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The HitMaps service provided a small world map showing where visitors to your site or blog live. They now started a new service called ClustrMaps™ (beta) which basically does the same. It's still free for smaller sites (< 1000 hits per day), but you'll have to pay if you run a more popular site.

(Wow, I just found out that I'm one of their TOP-50 users, though I'm far away from 1000 hits per day)

Users of the old HitMaps service can upgrade for free and get 5 invitations. New users are only accepted via such invitations at the moment.

Drupal Moved To New Servers has moved to new servers today. After a short downtime the site was up again and faster than ever.

Scott Kveton from the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University has more details, figures and load graphs in his blog post Before and After.

As I reported earlier, Drupal asked for donations for new server hardware. And received them. Lots of them. The server move today was the first step to put that money to good use. More will follow.

Unmaintained Free Software in the InterWiki Map

I just noticed that my Unmaintained Free Software wiki is now listed in the Mediawiki software's InterWiki map!

This means you can easily link to any Unmaintained Free Software article/project from any MediaWiki-powered site (e.g. Wikipedia). For example, [[UFS:Gtkgo]] will create a link to the Gtkgo project page.

Pretty cool, methinks.

LEGO Lemmings Stop Motion Video

LEGO Lemmings screenshot

A group of students from Uni Koblenz (Germany) created an absolutely hilarious stop motion video showing LEGO® figures running around acting (and dying) like Lemmings.

The video: lego_lemmings.avi (20MB)

Oh, and if this whetted your appetite, you can give DHTML Lemmings a try in your favourite browser.

(via tina_t)

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