How about an iPod Shuffle RAID?

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Another Crazy Hacks candidate: Jim Wright has assembled four iPod Shuffles to create a 3.9 GB iPod Shuffle RAID. Have a look at the quite impressive photos.

Fog screen

Here's a pretty cool new projection "display" called FogScreen, which basically consists of a wall of "dry fog", which you can walk through if you want to. You can project images or videos onto this (very thin) fog wall and hence use it as sort of a computer screen.

They have a nice video which demonstrates how you can "draw" on the fog wall and walk through it...

SD™ card with USB connector

According to Heise (as well as Boing Boing), SanDisk has announced a SD™ card with a builtin USB 2.0 connector at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Now this is probably as small as an USB device can get, and really cool, if you ask me. The card shall feature up to 1 GB storage at first, probably more later on.

There are photos of the card in the two articles.

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