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Wow. I just noticed that my Crazy Hacks wiki is currently listed on / popular. I'm impressed.
The list of people who bookmarked Crazy Hacks currently has 35 items (27 added recently).

This rise of interest in the site may also be partly due to the recent slashdotting of the How I Feed My Cats with Linux article by Chris McAvoy, which has been listed on Crazy Hacks for some time now.

How about an iPod Shuffle RAID?

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Another Crazy Hacks candidate: Jim Wright has assembled four iPod Shuffles to create a 3.9 GB iPod Shuffle RAID. Have a look at the quite impressive photos.


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This looks like a good candidate for the Crazy Hacks wiki: GPS::Tron is a real-life remake of the classical TRON game using modern technologies like GPS, Bluetooth and GSM or GPRS. Two players run around in the real world (carrying a GPS device) and "draw" trails. They can see their own trail as well as that of their respective opponent on their cell phones. The first player who hits his own trail or that of his opponent loses.

Feed your cats remotely using Linux and Python

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There's a cool article by Chris McAvoy in the January issue of the Linux Journal titled "How I Feed My Cats with Linux".
He's using an inexpensive controller, a serial port and a small Python program to feed his cats from the web.
There's also a post about the project on the weblog of the author.

Ok, now this definately qualifies as a hack, so I'm off to Crazy Hacks to add the project ;-)

My Crazy Hacks wiki is now online!

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So, finally, I have disabled the old Crazy Hacks site which was running on and replaced it with a wiki. The site is now available at

So, what exactly is Crazy Hacks?
Crazy Hacks is a wiki of crazy computer-related projects. The mission of this site is to give you a comprehensive overview of what some geeks do, when they have way too much spare time on their hands.

As you might have noticed the wiki provides an RSS feed, which I syndicate here on my homepage (see the "Crazy Hacks Wiki" block) on the right...

Please feel free to contribute to the wiki. Everyone can add and edit pages there...

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