How to find copies or modified versions of your photos online, e.g. using TinEye


I found out about TinEye a few minutes ago. It's a nice little search engine which allows you to find exact copies of a photo or even similar versions of it. You can either upload an image for comparison with their database, or point TinEye to a URL of the image you want to check.

For instance, checkout this this search for my unreasonably popular "Sugar" photo. Or have a look at this list of sample searches.

The site is also used in Wikipedia for detecting the original source of uploaded images.

I know there is some other website which also allows similarity search of images, but I just can't remember the URL. Please leave a comment if you know of other such sites, thanks!

Beagle 0.2.1 released - fancy desktop search tool for Linux

Beagle screenshot 1

Beagle 0.2.1 is out. Beagle is a very useful desktop search engine for GNOME (but you can use it with KDE, too, or even without any desktop environment like I do). Despite the low version number it is already quite stable and usable, and has lots of features.

It can index all kinds of files and information on your computer (txt, pdf, doc, emails, IM logs, IRC logs, source code, images, music, and whatnot) and provides a very nice (new) search interface (see screenshot).

Yes, Google Desktop Search and Spotlight do the same thing, but neither is available for Linux, and neither of them is Free Software. They can "phone home" without telling you and do other funny things. With Beagle you can easily check what it does (use the source, Luke!).

Oh, and Beagle can now also parse Ruby files, a simple filter I had written and submitted has been included in the latest release (well, actually it was there in 0.2.0 already, but I didn't tell anybody ;-)).

Google Creative Commons Search

Google now offers a license filter on their "advanced search" page which allows you to filter the search results according to a certain Creative Commons license. Even though Yahoo has been offering a similar facility for a quite while now, it's still great to see Google join the game, and it sure shows the importance of the Creative Commons.

There's tons of Creative Commons materials out the (images, music, podcasts, videos, ...) — search facilities are essential now.

(via Lawrence Lessig)

Yahoo launches blog search and podcast directory

If you do a search for "yahoo blog search" on Yahoo Blog Search, you will find out that Yahoo has launched Yahoo Blog Search today. Or something.

They also launched a podcast directory, which lists my music podcast twice for whatever reason.

Looks like Google and Odeo are getting some competition.

(via Steve Rubel)

Google Blog Search

Looks like Google has finally launched Google Blog Search. Unlike Technorati, it's quite fast and could be serious competition (at least in some fields). There's a FAQ, which answers a few questions regarding the search.

A very nice feature, IMHO, is the possibility to subscribe to an RSS feed of any blog search you perform.

(via Search Engine Watch, and Inside Google)

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